About us

Discover Santorini’s Coastline with Costa di Lusso

Welcome to Costa di Lusso, your premier choice for luxury boat rentals in Santorini. Our mission is to offer our customers the opportunity to explore the breathtaking coastline of Santorini with maximum safety and quality. Our fleet consists of top-quality boats, and our expert guidance ensures that you feel confident and secure on the water.

Who We Are

We are Nikos and Petros, two brothers with a deep love for the sea and a passion for meeting new people. This shared enthusiasm led us to establish Costa di Lusso in 2022. Over the past years, we have successfully completed over 400 cruises, turning our vision into reality. Our journey doesn’t stop here; we plan to expand our fleet and design new routes to offer you the perfect cruise experience tailored to your needs. When you think of us, we want you to feel nothing but positive emotions.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is built on two key pillars:

  1. Unveiling Hidden Beauty: We aim to provide you with the chance to enjoy the hidden beauty of Santorini with your loved ones, experiencing tranquility and privacy that is rare in today’s world.
  2. Safety First: We believe that “prevention beats cure.” Our boats are fully equipped with all necessary safety gear, and we are just a phone call away for immediate assistance. If needed, we can come directly to your location to provide help.

Experience the hidden gems of Santorini’s coastline with Costa di Lusso. Whether it’s a private getaway or an adventure with friends, we ensure your journey is safe, memorable, and filled with stunning views.