Welcome to Santorini! One of the most beautiful island of the Aegean with a lot of hidden treasures.


Red and White Beach

Red and White beach are the first beaches you will encounter leaving Vlychada. The image that one will see, can only be described as enchanting, as these two separate beaches of the island have taken their name from the color of their sand and rocks. So the landscape in both cases is enchanting with the turquoise waters stopping at the beach of a not so colorful landscape.


Next stop is Aspronisi, an uninhabited island with very natural beauty. It is a remnant of the island of Strongyli which together with Thirasia and Santorini form the circular outline. There you will have the opportunity to swim in its clear blue waters and enjoy its landscape in calmness.


About a nautical mile west of Oia, you find her little sister, Thirasia. The unspoilt nature, the imposing volcanic landscape, the small inaccessible beaches as well as the absence of lights and crowds compose the right conditions to enjoy some moments of absolute relaxation and tranquility. At this stop you have the opportunity to dock your boat at the port and have lunch in one of the local traditional taverns. Particularly interesting can be found by hiking enthusiasts as on the island are mapped 6 unique hiking trails.


The Lighthouse of the Cape

Then a historical point will appear "in front of you" and is none other than the lighthouse of the cape. Historic, as it was built in 1892 by the French Lighthouse Company, making it the oldest lighthouse in Greece. But the landscape does not stop only in the "history" as under the lighthouse you will see an imposing landscape which consists of sea caves and large rocky fronts.

Hot Springs

Then you will have the opportunity to visit Palea Kameni, a small volcanic island in the center of the Caldera, responsible for its enchanting beauty and romantic atmosphere. Along the way, in the summer many hot springs are presented, which every year tens of thousands of tourists visit. At this point you will be able to swim, enjoy and derive the benefits of hot springs. Its waters, rich in minerals and sulfur, have a special yellow hue.

Kaldera Sunset

At the end of your trip you could not miss the sunset of Santorini from a different perspective. Consider yourself enjoying a glass of wine at sunset on a luxury yacht. An image that will surely be etched in your memory.


At the base of Oia you will find its port, the famous Ammoudi. The red volcanic rocks, the deep blue deep waters and the picturesque taverns by the sea compose a landscape of unbeatable and unusual beauty, even for the data of Santorini. While a little further you will find a small beach with black fine sand.